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Led by Christina Brown, the dynamic team at Transform Yoga Pilates Barre have classes where the teacher can meet your individual needs to take your practice or workout to the next level.


Yoga, Pilates, Booty Barre®, Piloxing (pilates+boxing+dance), BodyART (eastern strength meets yoga awareness) Prenatal Yoga, Mums+Bubs, Yoga for Kids and Teens (including school holiday options), Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation. Private lessons and corporate classes held onsite and at your location too.

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Transform Taster offer for new students – $40 for 4 classes! Get ready to transform!

Go on. Stretch yourself! Join Transform and enhance your whole life.


Our Balgowlah studio is conveniently located close to Manly, Fairlight, Allambie, Mosman, Seaforth and Frenchs Forest.

New classes and teachers, timetable changes, courses and workshop events, special offers and more.


$70 Massage in May

Health consultations – get started with a whopping $60 off an initial consultation (just $100 for an 80 minute initial consultation in May)

Massage therapy – $20 off your first massage in May. Just $70 and you still get your health fund rebate back as well.

Contact Lyn to book on 0404 331 370 or email her

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Mother’s Day – Free Class Next Weekend

Celebrate the Feminine with us! Bring your mum/surrogate mum, daughter or special aunt to class for FREE Saturday or Sunday next weekend. To book in your special person for their complementary class, just text their name and email address and let us know your desired class to Christina on 0402 970 020 so we can book them in for their yummy weekend experience. We have limited spots available so book now for any of our 8 classes next weekend.

Remember, the woman you want to celebrate with might love our Live Music Chill Out experience this Friday at 6.30pm. Rest and Restore with this gentle practice guaranteed to get you deeply relaxed while Kylie’s angel like voice makes your heart sing!

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Getting Mindful in May

Pre-kids, I used to go to my favourite meditation sanctuary, a sir lankan buddhist retreat in Leura. Once a month they would hold a whole weekend of silent meditation. We would meditate 8 hours a day, and aside from a single Q&A session there would be no communication at all until we farewelled each other Sunday afternoon.

I remember our facilitator teacher many years ago smilingly telling my meditation group that meditators and their teachers seemed to have a Standard Meditation Time of 20 minutes. I loved this idea, that, just like the rest of the world using Greenwich Meridian Time as their timing launchpad, meditators the world over had this golden number of 20 minutes as being the right time to create a meaningful experience.

I used to go for read more here

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New Class Line Up – More More More!

Check out our altered Class Schedule From May 16.

We’re adding a new daytime Pilates class so some class times are shuffling a little. Wendy’s Wednesday Pilates moves to Tuesdays so we can offer you a new daytime Pilates class each week and offer you better spacing between your classes

Here’s our schedule

Tuesday 9.30am NEW Pilates Class with Wendy
10.45am Yoga Groove BodyART

Wednesday 9.30 Barre with Christina

Thursday 9.30am Pilates with Christina
10.45am Barre with Clare

Monday and Fridays stay the same. As usual, please do book online or using the app before you come so you can be sure you are turning up for the correct class!

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Mother’s Day – Gift Voucher Special

In the age of materialism and over consumption, giving a delightful experience can be soooooo appreciated. We’re offering 10% off gift vouchers for Mother’s Day. Phone 0402 970020 to organise your voucher for a class experience. If you want reduced prices on Reflexology Vouchers call Linda on 0409 322 131 or buy your mum a one hour massage for just $70 during May – Call Lyn on 0404 331 370.

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FREE TALK Flow of life – Hydration for vitality

When: Sunday May 21st at 10.30am and Tuesday May 23rd, 2.00pm.

Quick, free and to the point, nutrition in a nutshell for busy people Take charge of your own health one small step at a time.

If we make one health change at a time and sustain it we can make huge improvements to our health and vitality. Naturopath Lyn Hunprheys will present this topic will be presented in 30 minutes including time for questions after. Leave each talk with immediately and easily attainable tips to impact your vitality. Bookings essential, places limited. Tel. 0404 331 370 or email Lyn at to confirm your place.

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Transforming yourself has never been so easy!

Transform Taster $40 for 4 classes!

See the LIVE SCHEDULE to choose your classes and purchase your Transform Taster in the ONLINE STORE


From Christina

Christina Brown is an internationally renowned Yoga teacher, bestselling Yoga author and the proud owner of Transform Yoga Pilates Barre. Also a Yoga teacher trainer and certified Pilates and BootyBarre® instructor, Christina delivers all her classes with flair. Be inspired by Christina and her regular writings!


Are You Truly You?

I am preparing for a workshop I love teaching on Saturday week. It’s on Ayurveda, which is sort of lndian sister science to yoga. And it offers us an eye opening chance to review how we have been living lately. In India it’s a five year medical degree to become an ayurvedic doctor. While I haven’t done that, I have written a book on Ayurveda and its knowledge has helped me with many life decisions for the last 20 years. It also means I have some interesting stories to tell about my time doing a cleanse in a really grotty ayurvedic hospital in India, but I will save those stories for another time…. If you are interested, read on. The early bird special ends this Saturday so book here! What you will discover in Just 3 hours We will learn what your unique constitutional make up is. It will be your own unique mix of the five elements. It’s called prakriti and it’s determined at birth, that time long ago when you felt perfect just as you were.  What happens though is that we sometimes live in a way that doesn’t match our natural constitutional make up, you can get sick. Say you like to live in a slow, relaxed way, but you have a job with regular, hard to meet deadlines, a new pattern will be created. Or say you are a naturally fast moving yet quick to burn out type, and you start drinking too much coffee, this too will negatively influence your natural imprint. Over time, these choices create a disharmony which becomes an illness pattern.... read more

Workplace needs inspiring....

Looking to boost staff productivity and contentment?

Yoga and Pilates classes to suit your workplace: at lunchtimes, early mornings or evenings. Transform Yoga Pilates Barre can provide a qualified, experienced and insured teacher to match the needs of your group. We can also provide break-out or themed sessions for conferences, retreats or special events.


Starting young for a lifetime of benefits

Wouldn’t it have been great if you started Yoga earlier in life? Our specialist and experienced teachers utilise kids boundless energy with active stretch and balance – creating life skills and tools for relaxation and self-awareness. All classes are taught in an appropriate way for the various age groups. Plus Transform Yoga Pilates Barre has great school holiday options for both grown-ups and the kids!

Look no further. Transform today!